Customer Lifecycle Trumps Outdated Marketing Strategies

What is the Lifecycle of your Customer? How does it affect your Marketing Strategies?

Clients are important to business – duh!

But how often do you take time to think about HOW important they are?

DIY Entrepreneurs can have a great advantage over bigger companies if they take the time to figure out all the steps (ie PURCHASES) a customer or client will make from them, and over what (ideal) period of time.

Totally confused? Relax. Watch the video to learn all about How the customer life cycle does affect marketing strategies.

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Client Lifecycle and Your Business


What is a client lifecycle?

Simply stated it is the time period that passes from the date you received a lead to the date that lead buys product/service from you.

You must know the client lifecycle in order to gear your entire marketing strategy around it.

Listen in to this brief 15 minute show and get some tips on how to determine your client lifecycle.

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