I KNOW I can help you, but YOU do not know that yet. I am not one to brag…so I’ll let my clients do it for me…



Wesley Williams is a dedicated leader, mentor, and consultant.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to grow their business.

As a self employed business owner, I am thankful to Wesley for helping me increase my sales.  My services include Interview Coaching and Resume Writing.   My biggest challenge has been in the area of marketing and generating new clients.

Wesley took the time to understand the details of my existing business model and processes.  After diving into my business, she was able to provide concrete solutions and strategies getting me to the next level.  It was nice to have her as a business partner with a fresh set of eyes.  She could see things that were not as obvious to me. 

Because of her marketing expertise, I am able to keep my sales funnel filled with potential new business.  Through her knowledge in social media I have been able to reach people over the internet and track the progress.   I appreciate her challenging me to be better and hold me accountable week after week.  Wesley is friendly and personable in her approach, yet not afraid to address areas needing improvement.  Once these areas were identified she made sure I had an action plan in place.  I found her to be professional, prepared and organized for all of our meetings.

Wesley is a gifted communicator and truly works to bring out the best in people.  It was clear to me she cared about my business and kept me focused on succeeding!

~ Bobby

I just want to say THANK YOU! You are a godsend with all your how to videos. I have watched almost All your videos… A little background on me is this…. I Recently lost my decent paying job and have been out of work for over 2 months. I have sold extra things in the house (as you told me to do) to gain Capital to go to garage sales and stock up on some inventory…In my first few days of selling on amazon, ebay and craigslist I have made all the money back (not including shipping costs) and still have around 30 items that have not sold yet that will be pure profit!

I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart (and top and middle) 🙂 for your warm videos aimed at helping people make money by any means possible. You have been truly a blessing for me and my family and you will be blessed for this. 


Just watched a few of your video’s and think you are awesome!  I have tossed around the idea of Amazon and you have inspired me to research that avenue!  Thank you again for the great insight! 

Thank you again for your time, your videos, and your great mind!


You are the guru of tech stuff.  You are my “go to gal” on this stuff. Thanks for your proactiveness.  You leave no one out. It feels good in a world when sometimes it seems we’re all alone!


A lot of people don’t give information, or are not friendly enough to write back. Its really nice that you have put yourself out that way


I am so impressed at how well you were able to organize and keep up with all the emails, Facebook, and website happenings.  You truly did a wonderful job.


Thanks to you for all your leadership on this! You rock!


You rock girl!


This wouldn’t have happened without you!

~Ruth Ellen

You are an amazing organizer and cheerleader!


Your enthusiasm is contagious. We all left feeling like we could make it out there too.


Your service levels were above and beyond the call of duty.


You are always picking everyone up, making sense of things, and providing strength when it is needed.


Words cannot express our appreciation!

~Pastor Kyle and Yvette

 I’m an inveterate goal-setter but still I walked away from the meeting last evening feeling refreshed.


I think you are wonderful and I hope we can all feed off of your excitement and do great things.


 I do so appreciate your being there for us!


Of the hundreds of people I have worked with, in this very detail oriented field, I can honestly say that Wesley would fall into the top 2% range. This opinion is based on my 15 years in the industry…In so far as her ethical character, her track record speaks for itself and we all would do well to have business dealings with someone of her character.


Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in our lives.


 I feel so lucky to have you on the team.


Your name was suggested because of your gift of administration.


Your leadership, time and loving hands provide a nurturing environment.


I truly admire your ability to recruit helpers and your ‘way with people.’ It is amazing that you managed to pull it off the way you did and I wanted to let you know just how grateful I am.


Wesley was very accommodating, very helpful and was as upset as my wife and I were over the problems, I feel that she was the only one who really cared…Wesley was most helpful and obliging and it was only through he that I did not cancel the transaction.


Wesley enthusiastically inquired about my needs and began meeting those needs.


She has good feature to benefit selling skills. She is very knowledgeable and taught how to overcome objections well.


She is outgoing, but low key, she is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for her job shows through at all times and she teaches how to create a positive selling atmosphere.


Her commitment to customer satisfaction should be commended.


Wesley handled everything perfectly.


She willingly gave an extra effort to help serve my needs!





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