Selling Online: Tips and Tricks

Busily I have been tapping away on the keyboard to bring all my knowledge and experience of selling online into one venue.Seller Blog Footer Image

As you may know, I have MANY videos on my Youtube Channel dedicated to selling on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and Etsy (among others). And my current plan is to continue posting free content there.

But I also have great nuggets of wisdom (LOL) tucked away in the FOUR HOUR LONG LIVE EVENTS also posted to my channel on youtube.

That’s just wrong…on so many levels.

So, I have taken some time to set up a blog that holds those videos, as well as additional content I have not shared publicly.

But the best part of that blog, is the Training Series I offer. 

Selling Online Training Series

The series kicks off with several quick, fast, down and dirty online selling tips that are geared toward the beginner to intermediate seller.

Then you will have the opportunity to register for the full course.

And you can rest assured the content offered in the course will be exclusive to the members and not posted publicly.

When you visit the blog, which I so creatively titled, “How to Sell on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and Etsy,” look for the Training Series tab.



How To Find Cheap Domain Names for a Website

With DIY Entrepreneurship, the cost of basic business tools can be intimidating, if not downright impossible!

You know you need a website, and that means (in most cases) you need a URL.

But please do not be mislead and believe you have to spend tons of money to get a web address.

You can secure the website URL of your choice (if someone hasn’t already bought it!) with just a few simple steps.

Sometimes you are ready to build a site, and sometimes you just want to claim the URL.

Watch this video to learn how to find and buy cheap domain names / website URLs using a common, popular website.


Client Lifecycle and Your Business


What is a client lifecycle?

Simply stated it is the time period that passes from the date you received a lead to the date that lead buys product/service from you.

You must know the client lifecycle in order to gear your entire marketing strategy around it.

Listen in to this brief 15 minute show and get some tips on how to determine your client lifecycle.

When you are done listening, come on over to Powerhouse Marketplace and get a VIP membership. Simply click the yellow button on the upper left side of the site and follow the steps to get access!